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Caring for Royal PalaceĀ® Rugs

Your investment in a Royal Palace® Handmade Rug will give you years of enjoyment with proper care. The most important care tip we recommend is regular vacuuming as necessary. This will lift most of the surface dirt. However, we caution that you vacuum with care and do not over vacuum.

After receiving your new rug, we recommend that you vacuum your rug vigorously in all directions – vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, with the brush set at a low setting to groom the rug. Repeat this for 2 to 3 days; it’s OK if you fill more than one vacuum bag or canister’s worth. This vigorous vacuuming will not harm the rug, but will help to minimize shedding. You can then vacuum regularly with the brush at a medium or high setting, and can alternate with an upholstery attachment.

Some shedding is normal for a wool rug. It will not affect the wear or the life of the rug. After vacuuming you will find that there will be wool fibers in the vacuum bag. This is normal. These are wool fibers that are stray fibers or fibers that the brush breaks off.

For hooked rugs, we recommend suction only. If you own a hook rug and a loop becomes loose, do not pull it. Just cut the loose strand off at the surface with a sharp pair of scissors.

To add more years of life to your Royal Palace® Handmade Rug, we recommend that you rotate rugs 180 degrees every six months in high traffic areas. This will prevent wearing from traffic patterns. Also rotate your rug if it is in direct sunlight; this may cause slight color fading over time otherwise.

We also recommend that rugs placed on hard surfaces have a non-slip rug pad placed underneath. This will prevent the rug from slipping underfoot, and therefore prevent accidents. Rugs placed on carpeting should have padding placed underneath to keep the rugs in place as they are walked on.

Now, if the inevitable occurs and you spill a beverage or food on your rug, don't panic! What we have found to be most effective on new spills is:

  • Get a clean, white absorbent towel (paper or cotton) and let it soak up the excess liquid.
  • Take a moist white absorbent towel and further blot up the remaining spill. Do not rub or over saturate the spill.
  • In the case of food, scrape it up with a flat knife.
  • Use warm water with a mild detergent (Woolite recommended) and blot dry.
  • Allow the rug to air dry. You can use a fan or a hair dryer set to the "cool air" setting.

If you are going to use a more "industrial" cleaning solution on a stain, please be sure to spot check it first on a small area of the rug, to be sure that the solution does not bleach or discolor the rug.

Download our care sheet included in all of our rugs.

For stubborn stains, click here for our stain removal chart.