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Frequently Asked Questions about Royal PalaceĀ® Rugs

Q. Can I use an extractor machine to clean my rug?

A. Yes. We have tested the Oreck and Bissell extractors and found them to be effective. However, we recommend that you test a small part of the rug first. We do not recommend steam cleaning. If you have set-in stains, see a professional who is experienced in cleaning handmade wool rugs.

Q. I have my rug on top of carpeting. Why does it wrinkle?

A. All rugs lie best on a flat surface, such as a wood or tile floor, and even Berber carpeting. That does not mean that you cannot place an area rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. However, you will find that if you place an area rug on top of a very plush pile carpet, the rug will buckle when walked on or if heavy furniture is placed on it. This can be minimized to some degree by purchasing a double-sided tacky rug pad, which will stabilize the area rug but will not completely eliminate buckling. Please see for our line of rug padding.

Q. My rug sheds - is this normal?

A. Yes; all wool rugs will shed some of the short fibers. Please click on the "CARE" section at the top for more information.

Q. My rug is on waitlist - when will I receive it?

A. As all of our rugs are made by hand, they can take from 3 to 4 months to make. Add in transit time, and a week or so to be brought into QVC's inventory to be shipped out, it could sometimes be up to 5-6 months before a waitlist order is shipped.